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Make Mistakes Better, and Make Better Mistakes

During this COVID-19 downtime, I've tried to soak up as much knowledge as possible through various online lessons and masterclass videos. As I've spent time with "The Greats" in our industry, one of the most common themes has been "we all make mistakes." From Archie Cox to Anne Kursinski - nobody is perfect. Missed distances, botched lead changes, incorrect diagonals (sheepishly raises hand....I am a CHRONIC incorrect diagonal offender and often have to glance down to check), they are all an important part of riding, in that mistakes are chances to learn. That said, there are simple things you can do in your riding to make sure that a mistake is a small one rather than a big one, and to prevent small ones from snowballing. Here are some of my all time favorite tips on making mistakes better, and making better mistakes, from someone who certainly makes plenty of them all the time: 1) Be Polite - This is a favorite of mine, and can really help with how you

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