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The Power of Kindness

I worked for George Morris for almost one year, back in 2004/2005 during his last season operating the legendary Hunterdon, Inc. I managed his business and also rode while at home in New Jersey before we went down to WEF for the winter.

To say that I learned a lot would be a laughable understatement, but I would not call my time there happy. I was berated, overworked, and on edge to the point where I started developing ulcers. Every time George entered the barn (or tent), my blood pressure spiked as I waited to hear what else I had done wrong. Maybe the refrigerator was dirty. Maybe the storage room was dusty. Maybe the bits weren't perfectly aligned in the tack room. When he said nothing, that was the only time I knew everything was up to his standards.

For the longest time, I looked back at my tenure there knowing I was lucky to have it, and that even with the unhappiness, I would do it again. But now with the toppling of what was one an absolute, unquestionable power, a pers…

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