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Reinventing Myself for 2020

Mary and I pulled into the gas station at 11pm, about 3 hours into our 5.5 hour drive home. We had just finished up a week at a horse show caring for 13 horses between the two of us, and left 3 hours later than planned due to a horse who refused to load, so the sparks that had flown from the back of Mary's truck were the cherry on top of an already particularly trying day at the end of a very long week. We stood in the parking lot and tried to figure out what to do with the muffler that was half on, half off, the old Ford F150 that pulled the smaller trailer with 2 ponies.

"Find a coat hanger and tie it back on," was the response from my boss when called for advice. Not being able to procure a coat hanger, we were able to get some metal wire from a contractor who happened to be there and asked if he could help - he even bent under the truck to try to get the best angle with which to tie things back together.

I purchased about ten king size bags of peanut M&Ms, check…

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