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To Go Slower, Just Add More Leg

Now that my wonderful little mare, Callie, is safely in Colorado and soundly under saddle (YAY!!), we've gotten down the business of building her muscles back up from a month of light work, then no work, then travel, and finally adjusting to a new setting and temperature.

And already, she's reminding me about one of my most favorite and counterintuitive Rules of Riding:

When your horse goes faster, you need MORE leg and LESS hand to slow down 90% of the time.

Here is why.

Imagine that you are a little out of shape, and someone asks you to go for a run. You might be OK at first, but as your muscles begin to fatigue, your form starts to suffer - what was once bouncy and light is now flat and heavy. Now, imagine that you're tired, but someone magically gives you something to lean and balance against. Suddenly, you're able to go much faster, using this "crutch" to help you along. But your form? That doesn't recover - you're still flat and tired - just fas…

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