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Mares - Everything They Say is True

* Apologies on the radio silence - it's been a journey, as this post will outline.

We all know the stereotypes about Mares - they are more complicated, opinionated, and finicky than their castrated male counterparts. In the past, even when I worked with mares, I never found that to be the case. I would go about my daily rides and care with both genders, and not really notice much of a difference between the two, even in grooming positions where daily care was part of the routine. So when I bought Callie, the fact that she was a Mare factored into my decision, well, not at all.

Fast Forward to today, and even though I know it takes longer than you expect to really figure out a new horse and establish a true partnership, I fully believe in the Mare stereotypes.

First off, I've learned that a mare in heat can be an entirely different mare (please, save the "duhs" and eye-rolls). When Callie first arrived in February, and when I tried her in January, her lady parts were…

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