A Few Disclaimers and Quid Pro Quos

I am writing this blog because something compels me to write it. These days, whenever I'm at the barn riding or cleaning tack or grooming, I find myself composing bits and pieces in my head without actively trying. And so, I thought it would be best to get all of the things some part of me needs to say out into the world, if only to get them out of my head.

But before I do, here are some ground rules I would like to establish.

1) This is not a blog about being right. The things I learned, as with most things, shouldn't be viewed in terms of black or white. To do so would rob them of their ability to teach - because what is learning if not constantly questioning what we think we know?

2) These are things I've learned - not necessarily things I always remember to do. I am not infallible, and certainly nowhere close to being a perfect horseman. Always assume that the thing I'm discussing is a thing I always need to be aware of every time I get in the saddle.

3) I am going to write what I remember as best I can, but not all memory is perfect. While the quotes and anecdotes are written as truthfully as my mind can conjure up, they are not to be taken as absolute truth.

4) Some of the things I've learned are literal and pedagogy related. Others are more life-lesson and broader in scope. I'm going to write about both types of things because I think that horses, and the world they inhabit, have both lessons to offer up.

Thanks for reading.

Me and Sloane being happy



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